Dingle kirngle 1
Dingle Kringle is the main antagonist of Elf Bowling and Elf Bowling 2. In the movie, he is portrayed by Spongebob voice actor Tom Kenny.

Role in the game

In the game, Dingle is a failed ice salesman, and Santa Claus's older brother. He also serves as a rival for Santa, and resides in Fiji.

Role in the movie

Unlike his video game counterpart, Dingle is not an ice salesman, but in other respects, he is similar to his game counterpart. At first, he was a bad influence on Santa, encouraging him to be evil, and it was also revealed that he and Santa Claus where pirates, who stole toys from children, and sold them back to their parents. Later on, however, Santa felt bad for his pirating ways, and returned the toys to an orphanage, and then Santa became the children's mascot he is now known for. However, Dingle stuck to his evil ways, and grew jealous of his brother. So he whipped up an army of penguins, destroyed the elves workshop, and deserted Santa, leaving him to die on an ice flow. He then took command, and moved the elves to Fiji, hypnotized the elves to be his zombie slaves, and opened a sweatshop. Santa survived, and along with Lex, an elf with a powerful orb, hunted down Dingle, but Dingle stole the orb and brought two moai to life, and got them to bury Santa in the sand. One was employed to guard the sweatshop, and another to guard Santa. The one guarding Santa was moved by a speech Santa gave, and became good, and helped him. Later, Santa and Lex had to fight Dingle for the orb, and bowled to win it. Dingle cheated, but before he could be ratted out, he attempted to escape with it. As he escaped, Lex learned to telepathically control the orb, and it electrocuted Dingle. Once Dingle was caught, he got tied to a rocket and blasted into space.


Dingle Kringle was described as dastardly, cunning and manipulative, but also being a bit of a half-wit.