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Dingle is one of the main characters who is voiced by Peter Browngardt.


Dingle is a small blue disgustoid that is similar in appearance to Gollum from Lord of the Rings. His back is hunched over with long arms and bend hind legs, his teeth are sharp, he has a rather robust chest, big round eyes, and scraggly straight black hair with a bald spot at the top.


Dingles personality is usually quite calm despite his voice sounding a bit crazed. Like Fart, he can serve as a voice of reason sometimes amongst the other disgustoids. It is also shown that Dingle is more intelligent than he gets credit for. An example of this would be in President the Fart where he gives a well thought out presidential speech that brought the rest of the bros to tears. Another example of this would be in The Broken Chair when Dingle explained to Festro what he had been doing all day, and it included activities such as inventing several things, winning a Nobel peace prize, and horseback riding competitions.

However, there is another side to Dingle's personality that can be mischievous and a bit sadistic. An example of this would be in The Bet when Dingle suggests that they should make fake money to solve their debt issues with the land lord. Another example of this would be in Funstro when Dingle suggests something in his usual gibberish voice and Gweelok comments on how illegal the plan he's suggesting sounds.


  • Peter Browngardt the young version of Jim Cummings.


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