Ding-Dong Daddy

Ding Dong Daddy is a villain from the Teen Titans franchise.


Ding Dong Daddy used to hire high school drop outs to work in his auto shop. The kids choose to work for him mainly to help their families. The local high school principal brought in the Teen Titans to investigate and when they did they found out that the hot rods that the drop outs were building were being sold to criminals as get away cars and weapons. The Titans eventually stop and arrest him.

He later steals the arrow car from Speedy while he is on a date with Donna Troy.

Television History

Ding dong daddy (Teen Titans)

Ding Dong Daddy is a Teen Titans villain in the television series. He is voiced by singer/ songwriter David Johansen, best known for being part of the band the New York Dolls.

He is an auto enthusiast and appparent master thief who speaks with a lot of 1950's- era slang, such as describing the Titans as "Daddy- O's" and "Squares."

He first appeared in "Revved Up" where he stole Robin's case and if Robin wanted it back, Ding Dong Daddy would challenge him to a race to get the case back. Ding Dong Daddy used tricks up his sleeve in his hot-rod, like a ray gun, a barrage of grenades, and ice to make the road slippery. Red X came to Robin's aid and helped him finish off Ding Dong Daddy. Robin kicked Ding Dong Daddy off his hot-rod just before they came to the finish line, and Robin won the race. Ding Dong Daddy fell unconcious, passing out.

He later returned in "Titans Together" during the final battle, and was defeated by Kole and Gnnark, forcing him out of his hot-rod and being frozen with the other villains.

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