Dimitri Skontos is the secondary villain of the Grimm episode "Last Grimm Standing" orginally a peaceful and relatively harmless man, he fell into trouble and did drugs at some point in the past. He recovered from it, got out and started working for his uncle. However his parol officer was Leo Taymor, a corrupt Lowen, who organised his kidnapping, realising his potential as a gladiator, so he would be forced to fight in the Lowen games. There they forced him to eat human/wesen fleash. As a Skalenzahnne (crocodile like creature) this turned him barbaric, stripping him of his humanity and turning him into an inhuman killing machine.


After several fights he managed to escape from the Lowen, but now a cold blooded murder, he attacked and killed an ordinary couple (and there dog), and broke into there house where he began nawing on some raw meat, before he was recaptured by the Lowen. Dimitir's own friend Brian, was eventually thrown into the arena, but in his new barbaric state of mind, he savagly killed his friend in the arena. Later while wating for the games to begine, he was helpped by Monroe, who removed part of a flail from his hand.

But when thrown into the arena together, due to his lack of humanity, he had no trouble attacking Monroe with a flail. Monroe fought back, but proved no match for powerful wesen, Dimitri was about to kill him. When Nick snuck up on Leo, holding his gun to his head, he ordered Leo to stop the fight. However Leo refused, pointing out even if Nick killed him, his fellow Lowen would kill Nick, and Dimitiri would still kill Monroe.

To save his friend, Nick entered the Arena and took Dimitri on himself. With his incredible strength and durability, Dimitri proved to be a worthy opponent, nearly ripping Nick's neck out once, however in the end Nick's Girmm powers proved to strong, and he managed to knock Dimitri down. Holding a sword to his neck, he desided at the last minute not to kill Dimitri, as all of this wasn't his fault, and thus knocked him out cold. Dimitri was arrested by the police for murder.