Numb chucks

Dilweed (right) and Fungus

Dilweed and Fungus are the protagonist duo of the Canadian animated series Numb Chucks.

Two woodchuck brothers with a passion of kung fu (learning from their idol Woodchuck Morris), they commonly serve a role as vigilantes around the town of Ding-A-Ling Springs, or helping their friends. But due to their stupidity and delusion, they often unknowingly cause mass destruction and hurt others around them (usually their neighbor Buford), even though they do make heroic deeds at times.


  • Couch Potato: The Chucks steal Buford's couch, thinking it was a giant potato, to bring to a kid's charity.
  • Legend of Snacky Chan: When a broken vending machine the Chucks enjoy is taken by a repairman, they chase him down and take the machine back after beating him.
  • Attack of Hammerfist Man: The Chucks fear a movie villain is coming to attack their neighbor Hooves. They destroy much of his home, only to find out later on that the person stalking them was actually a pizza delivery guy.
  • Up With the Chucks: Dilweed and Fungus continuously torment Buford, ruining his chances to ask out Quills for a date.
  • Driving Mr. Buford: After accidentally breaking Buford's leg, the Chucks give him a ride to a video game store so he could win a contest. They cause him much pain along the way (including a scene where they leave him alone with dangerous street thugs).
  • Intelligence Not Included: Buford reprograms the Chucks' talking doll to fool them into obeying his every command. Instead, the Chucks destroy many of his possessions. Due to a malfunctioning in the doll, they later tearfully try to flatten Buford with a steamroller.
  • Cast Blast: The Chucks break into a hospital where Woodchuck Morris is being treated. They kidnap a patient in a full-body cast (whom they believe is their idol) and torture him in attempts to get the cast off. 
  • New Improved Chucks: The Chucks cause havoc trying to promote business for the Pinheads bowling alley, eventually destroying the entire town with a large boulder.
  • Moosetaken Identity: Mistaking Hooves for a look-alike criminal, the Chucks tie him up and turn him in to the police.