Dileep Anand is playboy who is revealed to be a serial killer and the main antagonist of the Indian movie Red Rose. His troubled past lead him to hate all women.

He was portrayed by Kamal Hassan in the original film and the late Rajesh Khanna in the remake.


He was born at October 12 to parents who died when he was young, Dileep abused by other women before he was become his servant of couple when Dileep saw a wife had sex with another man when his master learns the truth kill his wife by rage and Dileep adopted by man who later his mentor and father figure. he become businessman for few years he killed 6 women after sleeping with them before he met his prey - Sharda who working as salesgirl whose friend who become Dileep's victim but she didnt know before they were married. Dileep's secret was almost discovered when friend of a victim's brother recognizance him before Dileep killed him and Sharda learns her husband was serial killer as well his troubled past, she escaped from his house when Dileep returns home and found out got blamed by his foster father and chased Sharda before he was hit by car which left him brain dagmed which landed into jail only Sharda visted him for many times.