The Diktatorat are the ruling body of East-Meg One , a Sov-Blok city in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. They were made up of Supreme Judge Bulgarin and Judges Vlad and Snekov.


Pirates of the Black Atlantic

During the cold war between Mega-City One and East-Meg One, an agent named Nikita Kramm was covertly controlling a psychotic mutant cyborg named Captain Skank. After Captain Skank get's access to nuclear weaponry, he proceeds to nuke Mega-City One killing four million people before the base was captured by the Judges. After the Mega-City One Judges found out about this, they prepared for war against East-Meg One. Due to not being ready for a war against Mega-City One, Supreme Judge Bulgarin had to nuke one of East-Meg One's own sectors as compensation to avoid a war they were not ready for.

Block Mania

The Diktatorat proceed to begin preperations for the upcoming war and they send Orlok the Assassin to contaminate the water supplies in Mega-City One which will cause the Blocks to become fiercly tribal and violent. Orlok successfully managed to start a brutal civil war in Mega-City One but he was captured after Judge Dredd managed to break his legs.

The Apocalypse War

While they estimated the casualties, they worked out that 12% of East-Meg One's population will be killed in the war, which made Judge Vlad have doubts and concerns about the war, which made Judge Bulgarin remark "The people? What have they got to do with it?". The Diktatorat proceed to launch a mass invasion in Mega-City One led by War Marshal "Mad Dog" Kazan where they were in a nuclear-proof bunker deep under the city. Kazan then prooceeded to assassinate the Diktatorat to claim sole credit for victory in the war and to get more power. The Diktatorat died not knowing that their xenophobic attitude and the war itself caused the city to be destroyed with 500,000,000 lives lost.

Personalities for Each Member

  • Supreme Judge Josef Bulgarin is shown to be a xenophobic and callous man who while loyal to East-Meg One, is shown to not care about his own people.
  • Judge Snekov is shown to be worse than Bulgarin, having no problem with the war even after learning about the death toll from his city
  • Judge Vlad is shown to be the most sane and reasonable of the trio, while being no saint himself due to planning the war with the others, he is shown to actually care about the population of East-Meg One unlike Bulgarin and Snekov.