Digmon is a minor villain in Digimon Data Squad, and the Digivolved alter-ego form of Drimogemon.


Digmon is a Armor Level Digimon that looks like a golden beetle with 3 drills on it's arms and one for it's face. Digmon also has purple markings on it's body and the symbol of Knowledge.

Digimon Data Squad

When Marcus, Agumon, Thomas, and Gaomon were after a Drimogemon, they manage to get it to a strange crystalline cavern. Doing so made it impossible for Drimogemon from escaping. Drimogemon then Digivolved into Digmon. Since Agumon and Gaomon were weak and had low health Digmon had a huge advantage. Even with the disadvantage, Agumon and Goamon had to Digivolve into GeoGreymon, and Gaogamon. Since they couldn't win because they were weak, they decided to combine their attacks and took out Digmon.


  • Gold Rush
  • Rock Cracking


  • Digmon's Previous Digimon form is Armadillomon, and Drimogemon
  • Digmon can Digivolve into Ankylomon (for some reason)
  • In Digimon Adventure 02, Armadillomon Armor-Digivolves to Digmon, but in Digimon Data Squad, he is an ememy and can Digivolve from Drimogemon.