You're helping me out by being a guinea pig for a new product.
~ Dietrich Banning

Dietrich Banning is the main antagonist of 2002 spy comedy film The Tuxedo. He is owner of Banning Corporation. He is portrayed by Ritchie Coster, who also played The Chechen.


Dietrich Banning is the goal of the Banning Corporation is to take over the global drinking water supply, starting with the poisoning of major US reservoirs by means of genetically modified water strider insects. These water striders have bacteria that can spread from person to person.

Dietrich Banning on his own by feigning a desire to become a turncoat for Banning Corporation. Meanwhile Jimmy is ready to give up and go back to his life as a taxi driver, but while packing his belongings he discovers that Devlin had ordered a second tuxedo for Jimmy himself, believing that Jimmy could also be a great agent. Using his own tuxedo, Jimmy defeats Banning. Jimmy then throws the queen of the water striders into Banning's mouth. He is then infected with bacteria from the water strider.


  • Ritchie Coster as the villainous mastermind Dietrich Banning, is too dull and straight.


  • Dietrich Banning is the owner of Banning Corporation.
  • Dietrich Banning's evil grin
  • Dietrich Banning's death