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Didi Miller is a major recurring character in the second season of Devious Maids, serving as a neutral anti-heroine.

She was a stripper and at the strip club, she met Kenneth, who is double her age, if not any older.

She somehow loved him yet was also gold-digging him but when he got a stroke, she was crushed.

When she married him, she was in conflict with his daughter, Lucinda, who thinks of her as a slut and a gold-digger.

When Rosie starts working for her, we are shown of her gold digging ways but at the same time she does love Kenneth at some extant.

Therefore, she is a neutral Character. When Reggie was tearing apart the Miller household, Rosie reunites Didi and Lucinda to stop Reggie, which succeeds.

She possibly gets along with Lucinda later on.

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