Dickon Malbete is a minor villain in the 1938 film The Adventures of Robin Hood. He was played by Harry Cording.


Dickon is a Norman nobleman and former knight who served under King Richard the Lion-Heart. However, sometime prior to the events of the movie, Dickon was disgraced and deprived of his lands and titles. He thereafter gravitated towards Richard's brother Prince John, and he became the leader of John's guards. He bore a deep hatred towards Richard for the loss of his nobility, and so he was one of the many Normans who sided with John when he took the throne in the King's absence. As the leader of John's guards, he ruthlessly enforced the oppressive laws against the English Saxons. He got his chance for vengeance when the Bishop of the Black Canons told John that Richard had returned to England. John sent Dickon to murder him. However, Lady Marian's servant Bess was able to get word to Much, who intercepted Dickon. The two men fought, and although Dickon badly wounded his opponent, Much was able to kill him.