Dickon is one of main antagonists from the book Plague and Peril by Terry Deary. He is a jester in the mansion of Sir Mortimer. He always wears his red and yellow jester clothes and hat with bells.


Dickon, Bernard and Cuthbert the cutler join together to rob Martin the usurer to have enough money for indulgences because of black death. Bernard plans to ask Martin for money at night and then masked Cuthbert and Dickon would rush into his house and steal his money by chance. However, Bernard's young maid Meg hears their plan secretly and warns Martin. At night, Martin waits until Bernard and masked duo are inside and then calls dogs that start chasing the robbers.

Two weeks later, black death strikes the village. The trio meets again and plans to murder Martin to get his money. Meg hears them again, but this time they notice and decide to murder her. They put her into the sack and run to the forest. Luckily, Meg's friend Geoffrey sees them and asks his older brother and knight Arthur for help. They catch the trio in the forest and Cuthbert and Dickon give up immediately. Bernard tries to fight Arthur, but is defeated quickly and the trio flees without Meg.

They hide next to the old tree, lamenting about things they had to leave in the village (Dickon misses his lost job as jester especially). They are afraid to return to the village because of prison and black death. Cuthbert then says he will kill Grim Reaper if he sees him. Meanwhile, Martin, wearing a gray mantle and hood, digs in a chest with his coins on the other side of the tree. When he finishes, the trio notices him. They think he is Grim Reaper, but Martin tells them Grim Reaper is under the tree before he disappears. The trio finds the coins there and plans to leave with them. Cuthbert is then sent to the village to buy food.

Incredulous Cuthbert buys some wine and bread and poisons them. When he returns to the tree, Dickon and Bernard, hungry for more money, murders him with knives. However, when they eat poisoned food, they die, too.