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Dickie Thurman is the main antagonist of the 2000 Farrelly movie, Me, Myself, And Irene.

He was played by Daniel Greene.
000MMI Renee Zellweger 046

When Charlie's commanding officer gives Charlie a vacation. The commanding officer also assigns Charlie to escort Irene from Rhode Island to Massena, New York because of a hit and run scenario created by her ex-boyfriend Dickie. Towards the end of the movie, he is called in to settle the matter himself and boards the same train Charlie and Irene take back to Rhode Island. Dickie kidnaps Irene and takes her to a wooden bridge, where Charlie arrives and tries to talk down to Dickie and even attempts to take Dickie's gun away, which results in Charlie losing his thumb. But whitey, a mysterious albino man, who joins Charlie and Irene on their adventure reappears and throws a lawn dart in Dickie's back. Dickie dies by the lawn dart and falling into the water.

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