President Dick Richardson was an Enclave official and President of the United States during Fallout 2.


Dick Richardson has the appearance of an older man, appearing to have prematurely aged due to his position. Richardson entered the political scene on the Oil Rig in 2215 as a Congressman and then son to the previous President, Richardson Senior, was aiding to succeed as the next President. On March 5, 2220, Dick was elected as President of the United States and began serving the first out of his five terms.


When the Chosen One arrives at the Oil Rig he meets President Richardson, either disguised or not, he can start a conversation with him. If the player does President Richardson can discuss various topics and reveal information on the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV), the Project, Vice-President Daniel Bird's condition, China and the Great War, Vaults, and other topics. He also has a strong distaste for mutants and the inhabitants of the Wasteland, considering them subhuman and inferior to the Enclave. He believes that the Enclave are unstoppable and even killing him won't hinder their plan in cleansing the Wasteland of all it's citizens.

You can kill him or not but in most cases killing him would alert nearby Enclave soldiers, however if you simply leave him he will eventually be killed in the explosion destroying the Oil Rig.