Diao Chan

Diao Chan is beautiful and seductive woman in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


Her adoptive father, Wang Yun, comes up with a plan to restore order the Han Dynasty of China, and remove the tyrannical Dong Zhuo from power. Under the instruction of her father, Diao chan becomes engaged to the mighty Lu Bu. However, when Dong Zhuo meets Diao Chan, he becomes obsessed with her and orders Wang Yun to let him marry her. Lu Bu finds out about this and becomes enraged, resulting in him killing Dong Zhuo and marrying Diao chan. Although Lu Bu's seduction was part of Diao Chan's plot to kill Dong Zhuo, she's portrayed as actually having deep feelings for Lu Bu and loves him as much as he loves her. Dong Zhuo deposed the ruling Emperor and empowered a new Emperor who he controlled. Dong Zhuo freely used and abused his power, unopposed by the ministers of the capital as they all feared him and his adopted son Lü Bu.