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Diane and Russ are 2 married couple who are con-artists and minor villains in Bride of Chucky.

They were both portrayed by Janet Kidder and James Gallanders.


They purposely ran into Jesse and Jade in their suite, with Diane rushing in dressed in lingerie and Russ wearing a grey silk robe and grey heart shaped Boxers. They pretend to also be newlyweds, saying that the suite is theirs, then small talk with the couple about the dolls.

While Russ distracts them, Diane steals Jesse's wallet with the $500 that Tiffany gave them. After laying on their bed, trying to make the couple share a room with them, they leave back to their room, which is right next door. Tiffany, seeing how they stole their money, is angered and calls her a "thieving slut" that she planned to attack later that night.



Russ and Diane's death

While having sex in the back room, Diane saw Tiffany's reflection from the ceiling and tried to warn Russ but failed. Tiffany violently threw a bottle at the mirrored ceiling, successfully smashing it and sending large shards of deadly glass down to eviscerate them. Their corpses were found by a Maid. Tiffany's creative murder made Chucky propose to her.