First Form

Diane is a mermaid turned vampire by Sir Vampire, she is the partner of Bathe'lemyGuillaume and Raoul, she is the penultimate boss and a major villainess of the video game, Vampire Night.


She is a mermaid who fell in love with Sir Vampire, she becomed the most loyal servant and will do anything to please her master.

First Form

In her first form, she can appear in some moments of the level and throw energy spheres made of ice, she is always trying to make the protagonists leave no matter what, as she yells:Just leave at once!, and other quotes.

Second Form

In her second form, she transforms into a giant mermaid-like vampire. Now she can hide in the water and do a bitting attack, she can summon water tornados that she use as shields, she can also throw ice projectiles at the protagonists.


After the battle againt the her second form, her lair is falling and slowly going down, in her final moments, she speaks with Caroline and agrees with Caroline's opinion about vampires. She later slowly dies and the protagonists have to drag Caroline out of the lair in order to survive.


  • She is the only female boss of the game.