Dian Lamitan is the main antagonist of the historical epic Filipino drama series Amaya. She is the wife of Datu Bugna, the mother of Binayaan & Marikit & the stepmother, as well as the archnenemy of Amaya. Dian Lamitan was portrayed by actress Gina Alajar, who also portrayed Lolly Toledo in the made for TV remake of Trudis Liit.



Early life

Dian Lamitan, alongside with her sister Bai Mantal, are the daughters of a noble Datu in their town. When she was young, Lamitan haved dreamed of becoming a full-pledged warrior, only to be rejected by her father, who wanted a son & have her an aligned marriage with a distant relative: Bugna, much to her dismay.

Bugna in turn had a true love interest named Dal'lang, whom he fails to marry due to their social statuses. Lamitan discovers this so she constantly abuses her, oftentimes sending her guard Badu, to do so. She also blackmails Bugna when he tries to defend her, leading him to leave her for her own safety. 

The Prophecy of Rajah Mangubat

Rajah Mangubat met a village priestess or babaylan who prophesized that he would be killed by a woman who had a snake for a twin. He realized the deception of Lamitan so he removed her as a Dian status and he was forcefully to trust Amaya. However later, he was killed by Amaya, the woman on the prophecy as he tells her in his final words that she's not his enemy.

Betraying Bugna

Amaya's rise as a Babaylan

Bagani's exposure

First Downfall

Death of Rajah Mangubat

Binayaan's return

Betraying Angaway

As Hara Lamitan

Downfall & Death


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  • Dian Lamitan can be considered as the darker opposite of her stepdaughter & archenemy Amaya.
  • Some of Dian Lamitan's aspects are very similar to Lady Tremaine, particularly how they abused their stepdaughters, treated their husbands badly (Dian Lamitan manipulated Rajah Mangubat into killing Bugna, as well as blackmailing him several times; Lady Tremaine is believed to have killed Cinderella's father) & have their own daughters have an aligned marriage to a monarch to gain a higher status in society.
  • Dian Lamitan is considered as one of the greatest drama villains of all time in GMA TV series. Even her actress Gina Alajar was nominated as the best villainess of 2011.