The Diamond Pig is the main antagonist of the ExplodingTNT video, "If a Diamond Dimension was Added - Minecraft". The pig at first is kind and hospitable to the first player to enter its dimension, but later will not let him leave unless he gets it a golden carrot, which is impossible to get in a diamond dimension.


The video starts with the player discovering the newly added Diamond Dimension, where everything is made of diamond. The pig comes to greet him, but is killed by the player for its diamond pork chops. The player explores a bit and returns to find that the pig respawned and tuned off his portal home, telling him the only way back was if he gave it a golden carrot. The player tries to find one, but is unsuccessful. The player then finds a "Portal Reset Button" on the back of the portal which re-lit the portal, and he tries to leave, but the pig keeps shutting it off before he can travel. This continues for twelve hours (along with arguing) until two diamond dragons destroy both the player and the pig for disturbing them. Afterwards, one of the diamond dragons goes to the Overworld and wreaks havoc.


The Diamond Pig looks like a normal Minecraft pig, but with the light blue texture usually seen in diamond blocks.


Despite being nice, the Diamong Pig is in fact an egotistic possessive, as he refuses to let the player go. In the argument between the Diamond Pig and the player, the player says "Bet your mom was eaten" and the pig responds with "So you're gonna go there", implying that his mom might have been eaten, meaning that he is in fact very lonely and perhaps insecure of being left alone again. However, later on in the argument, the player calls his parents "aliens" to which the Diamond Pig says they were horses, so the Diamong Pig might have become completely insane after years of isolation in his dimension.




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