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Daisy Daisy ask me your question do.
~ Dialzerox

Guess who i have hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe someone told me she does like clowns? uh oh hehehehehehehehehehehehehe.

~ Dialzerox's comment (About Amanda and Bozo)
Dialzerox is the main antagonist of the slender series RealMadnessX.


He is the owner of the Dialzerox channel and Bozo's boss, first appearing on the channel of same name, singing the song Daisy Daisy with a distorted voice. He not yet appeared on Andy's channel, as his main method of operation is sending his henchman to do his dirty job. It is also possible that he corrupted and manipulated The Director into killing the crew.


  • Dialzerox has a child-like personality or some sort of mental illness.
  • Despite being the primary antagonist, his henchman acts as the main and more dangerous threat.

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