Darkus PhantomDharak
Dharak is the Guardian Bakugan of Barodius and an minor antagonist from Bakugan New Vestroia and the secondary antagonist from its sequel Bakugan Gundalian Invaders and Bakugan Dimensions as well a major antagonist in Bakugan Mechtanium Surge.


Dharak has evolved into Phantom Dharak with Drago's DNA, he attacked Coredem, the Bakugans, Gundalians and all of the Brawlers. He was defeated by Drago and was mutated by the Sacred Orb.

In Bakugan Mechtanium Surge, he appeared as Razenoid along with Barodius who was mutated into Mag Mel.

He created the Chaos Bakugan to brainwash the human Brawlers. In Behind the Mask, Razenoid reveals that he was Dharak.

In The Final Takedown, he was sealed forever along with Mag Mel because of an evolved Drago, causing the Mechtogan clones and Chaos Bakugan to disappear forever.
Darkus Razenoid R

Dharak as Razenoid