Dhaiva is the one who gave the Behelit to Emperor Ganishka in a past encounter, when he was still a wandering gypsy.

He is first seen in a Kushan vessel, controlling a Makara beast, smoking his trademark pipe. He uses Hindu mythology references to describe his opponents, describing Guts as "Durga Kshatriya" (this is a very loose attempt to coin a phrase for "Warrior of Rage" as Kshatriya is the term that was used to denote the class of Warriors in Indian society and Durga is the "Goddess of Noble Rage) and Serpico as "Vaayu Kshatriya" (Vaayu = Sanskrit term for wind) He shows extensive worry and care towards the crazed emperor after he takes the demonic form of Shiva in an attempt to reach him, which ultimately fails as Emperor Ganishka is killed by Femto and Skull Knight, causing the world to become engulfed in light.

He was last seen floating around his Emperor just before he was engulfed in the light. After the emergence of Falconia, Dhaiva kept a low profile by setting himself as a stable worker, using his beast controlling powers. He met the likes of former prostitute Luca and Erica (who kindly fitted him with a leg brace) during that time, which was cut short by Rakshas' attack. Dhaiva then saved Erica from the intriguing being and called forth the garuda he kept at the stables, effectively using them to flee alongside the Tapasa, Rickert and Erica.

Dhaiva's life creation is a Man-Made Behelit that can create demons with pregnant women (Daka).