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 Dex-Starr, or his real name Dexter, was an abused kitten at a local animal shelter. He was a special cat because he was blue. He was sad and scared until one day a kind woman adopted him. She fed him and gave him balls of yarn to play with. She would never hurt him. She gave him a home so he gave her love, but things changed when a man broke into their apartment. Desperately, Dexter scratched the intruder as hard as he could, but he was a young kitty and sadly, the woman died that night. A few days later, the police kicked Dexter out of his apartment. Now, Dexter was alone in the streets, sad, until two kids with issues decided to put him in a bag an throw him out of the Brooklyn Bridge. Then a red ring came to him, and he was recruited into the Red Lantern Corps. But, he didn't go on a rampage like other beginning Red Lanterns; instead, he went back to his apartment and curled up into a ball next to the one who cared for him and simply said "I find one who hurt you, I kill, I good kitty."


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