"And three - Tell me where you got those kicks cause im feelin' them in a nasty, silly way !!!"

-Devry comenting Shawn Spencer on his shoes


Devry holds one of the college students hostage.

Devry Longsdale is a character from the tv show Psych and was only from one episode where Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster must pass the police acadamy. Devry wants his money from two young college students and follows them to where one of them were going to steal from a gambler. Devry kidnaps one of the two students and demands his money. When Shawn and Gus come to help they trick Devry and his men into killing the gambler's men but eventually Devry is the last one standing. He continues to demand for his money when Shawn walks up holding a gun and a Diet Snapple cardboard poster to defend himself. But Devry catches him off guard and tells him to do three things. He demands him to drop the gun, kick it over, and tell him where Shawn bought his stylish shoes. But soon police trainer Nick comes to help and arrests Devry and takes him to jail.