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Devo is one of the assassins hired by Dio Brando in the third arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


Devo is an assassin who attracts business by posing as a shaman. He has scars all over his body, because he lets his victims attack him, but since no trace is left of his kills, people began to think he actually curses his victims, hence his nick name Devo the Cursed. This obviously attracted the attention of Dio Brando, who hired him to kill Jotaro Kujo and his group.

He hides in a fridge on the hotel that Jotaro's group went in Singapore, taking everything out and leaving it in plain sight. Jean Pierre Polnareff finds him and attacks him, but he simply vanishes, leaving Polnareff with his ankle mysteriously injured. Polnareff alerts his friends, but shortly after he is trapped behind the bed of the room, unable to see what's happening. As the waiter of the hotel is killed, he finally sees that it is a voodoo doll controlled by Devo who is attacking him. Polnareff tries to attack him, but to no avail since he can't see. The doll cuts the legs of the bed, which falls on Polnareff, and then soaks the entire room with beverages. As he tries to electrocute Polnareff by using a hairdryer, Polnareff stabs through the hairdryer and the doll, being able to see through a piece of mirror which he broke. He then destroys the doll, badly hurting Devo, who was controlling the doll from the hotel bathroom.


Devo's stand, Ebony Devil, works on the level of hatred he has towards his opponent, the reason why he let his victims attack him. He then remotely controls the voodoo doll, attacking his victim by surprise, always making so that he won't be hurt. He will the take advantage of the situation to kill the victim by any means possible.

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