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Devligus Devotindos is the main villain from Rocket Knight Adventures. The current ruler of the revived Devotindos Empire, Devligus amassed a large army and started an attack against the Zebulos Kingdom, seeking to retrieve the key to unseal the Pig Star, a powerful ancient weapon which almost destroyed the world once.

In order to find the key, Devligus hired the rogue Rocket Knight Axel Gear, who kidnaps the Zebulos princess Sherry to hold her for ransom, not knowing she was the only one who knew the location of the key. Of course, Axel secretly loathed Devligus, looking for a chance to overthrow him. As the Devotindos Army attacks Zebulos, Sparkster takes over the mission of saving his country and rescuing the princess, fighting the imperial troopers and pursuing Devligus and Axel. Even though they are both defeated by Sparkster, Devligus still manages to unseal the Pig Star, forcing Sparkster to go into deep space to deactivate the weapon for good.

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