Annoying Orange - The Deviled Egg (Ft03:38

Annoying Orange - The Deviled Egg (Ft. FuriousPete!)


The Deviled Egg is the antagonist of The Annoying Orange episode of the same name.

In the Deviled Egg

In the episode, the Deviled Egg attempted to take Orange's soul and put it into his soul bag. He mentioned how he already gave Orange's friends their heart's desires and stole their souls. Orange wishes for a kazoo and then asks for a kakazoo, an even bigger version of a kazoo. Orange's soul is then taken and is deposited in the soul bag. Unfortunately for him, Orange's soul didn't sit well within the soul bag and it vomits Orange and his friends's souls back. The Deviled Egg swore vengeance on Orange and vanishes along with the soul bag. Orange was glad that everything was normal again, blissfully unaware that his friends's souls with into the wrong bodies.


He was a red egg with black horns sticking out the front of his head. He also had a tail and a mustache.


  • He was played by FuriousPeter