Devil Ray 001

Devil Ray is a villain from Justice League Unlimited, he is also the version of Black Manta.


Devil Ray was a member of the Legion of Doom. In his first known mission for the Legion, Devil Ray, along with Giganta and Killer Frost, were sent to retrieve the newly-discovered corpse of Prince Jon, a Viking Prince supposedly rendered invulnerable by the Norse God Odin, for the purpose of reverse-engineering that invulnerability for the Legion's own members. The mission was a failure and his whole team was taken into custody through the collective efforts of the Justice League, Special Agent King Faraday's team, and the U.S. Navy.

Within weeks, Devil Ray escaped prison and was back with the Legion. His next mission was to spearhead an attack on the Temple of Nanda Parbat, where he seemingly killed the master there and stole the Heart of Nanda Parbat, earning himself the ire of Deadman, who set out to take back the Heart and avenge the deaths of all the monks at the shrine. During the siege on Gorilla City, Devil Ray found himself up against Wonder Woman, whom Deadman possessed to exact his revenge. Deadman beat him within an inch of his life, but spared him, deciding vengeance would only go against his master's beliefs. Devil Ray didn't understand what had happened, thinking that it was Wonder Woman herself who had nearly killed him, and so targeted her for death even after the Legion had been thwarted. Before he could fire the shot, Deadman possessed Batman and used a nearby gun to shoot him. The blast knocked Devil Ray backward and into an electrical conduit, where the energy that was released killed him. His accidental death (Deadman only intended to stop him, not kill him) unbalanced Deadman's karmic scale and the spirit was forced to remain on this plane until he had atoned.