Azel also known as Devil Hand is one of the main antagonists in the video-game, God Hand. He is the mysterious rival of Gene who wants the other God Hand.


Azel was member of The Clan but he betrayed them, just to obtain the God Hand, a powerful weapon. He later joins the Four Devas, a group of 4 servants of a powerful demon called Angra who is Satan himself, during the invasion in The Kilo-Crab, Azel then tries to kill a man named Gene also know as God Hand, he is the one who has the other hand, Azel fails.

When Gene kills Belze (the leader of the group), Azel tries to revive Angra in the tower, leading to a second and final fight between Gene and Azel, Azel succeeds in reviving Angra when he discovers that Angra was inside of him, near his death, Devil Hand helps Gene in the battle against Angra, Giving Gene his God Hand, duplicating Gene's powers.


  • He is actually the most powerful member of the Four Devas, even if Belze is the leader.
  • He is the only non-demon member of the Four Devas.
    • Devil Hand is actually a powerful hybrid.
  • His appearance is identical to Gene when he's not wearing glasses.