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You filthy rotten bloody shark, LET ME HEAR YOU!
~ Dr. Bob Hogan trying to record the Devil Fish's cry.

The Devil Fish is the main antagonist in the 1984 classic film Devil Fish. It is a shark-octopus hybrid.


Made by Dr. Davis to boost the company up in profits, the Devil Fish project's true intentions aren't exactly clear. The beast was let loose in the sea around Florida where it quickly began to feed on anything it could grasp in its maw or tentacles, and that included people. It didn't take long for the local sea experts to pick up on the oversized-octopus-like monster, but the company that was behind its creation wanted it to be kept top secret and not be destroyed. As the monster went on a rampage and killed even more, a small group went out to try and find the beast. While two were away from the ship, it attacked and killed the original discoverer. Soon another expedition was put out to kill it, but the company quickly got involved, but only ended up sending three of their workers to the monster's belly and the creators of the so-called Devil Fish were arrested.

Now knowing what they are truly up against, the scientists joined forces with the local police to try and bait the monster into a trap after discovering the threat it possessed with its regenerative capabilities. Fire was the answer to the problem and the tentacled beast was lured into a small cove and brought the surface where it was burned to cinders by a barrage of flamethrowers.


  • Regeneration: The Devil Fish, like many animals of the sea, has an enhanced regenerative ability that allows it to heal wounds given just a small amount of time. Also, with this ability, severed pieces of the Devil Fish are capable of growing into entirely new creatures.


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