The Devil Dog was a secondary villain in the 1966 movie Manos: The Hands of Fate.


The Devil Dog belonged to The Master, who was the high priest of a cult that worshiped the god Manos. He spent most of his time guarding the tomb, or outdoor altar area, where the Master and his bevy of wives slept.

When Michael and his family arrived at the Master's place after getting lost in the Texas backcountry, the adult humans noted the image of the dog in the living room of the house, with the wife Margaret noting how vicious the dog looked.

Michael and Margaret were both scared by the howling noise the Devil Dog made. Their daughter Debbie's poodle Pepe ran out to confront the being making the noise, but was quickly dispatched by the Devil Dog, leaving Michael and his wife Margaret to explain to Debbie that her puppy was gone.

Later when Debbie decided to explore the place on her own she came across the tomb and found the dog guarding the people sleeping at the tomb. Gathering up his leash she walked the dog back to the house. When she met their parents they were horrified and Michael took out his revolver, but the Devil Dog ran away.

When the Master was searching for Michael and his family he took the Devil Dog with him on the search. When the Devil Dog saw the family in the kitchen, he barked, enabling the Master to capture the family.


  • The Devil Dog was portrayed by a dog named Shanka, who was owned by Tom Neyman - who played the Master - and his family. Jackey Neyman Jones - who played Debbie - remembered Shanka as being a very sweet and gentle dog but not very bright. She said getting him to follow commands was trouble. She and Shanka were the only ones who received compensation for the film, she received a new bike and Shanka a bag of dog food.
  • In the MST3K screening of the film Tom Servo quipped, "His name's Mephisto, can we keep him?"