Devidramon is a minor villain in the Digimon series. The Devidramons are minions of Myotismon, one was a slave to the Digimon Emperor, and another one was seeking a powerful adversary.


Devidramon looks like a black dragon-like demon bat with 4 blood red eyes, ripped wings, red razor sharp claws, and a tail with a hidden 3rd claw. He also has a skull tatooed on his left shoulder, and a red bat symbol on his left knuckle.

Digimon Adventures 01

The first Devidramon was seen pulling Myotismon's stagecoach. Gatomon called for a few Devidramon so she can prevent the DigiDestined from pursuing Myotismon through the gate. Some got destroyed by Garurumon, Kabuterimon and MetalGreymon. When the DigiDestined entered Myotismon's castle for the second time, the remaining Devidramon were destroyed by MegaKabuterimon. They were never intended to defeat the DigiDestined, only to delay them sufficiently.

Digimon Adventures 02

The Digimon Emperor rides a Devidramon before and after the creation of Kimeramon. Wormmon tackles the Digimon Emperor and rides the Devidramon on a collision course to Kimeramon, and both are attacked. After Wormmon gives up his remaining energy so that Magnamon can destroy Kimeramon, Devidramon flies off. Another Devidramon larger than normal is seen in New York when Digimon start to appear in the Real World.

Digimon Tamers

A Devidramon Bio-Emerges in the Real World, and Impmon frees him from his Digital Field. This allowed him to fly around town looking for an adversary. He caused a lot of physical damage to Guilmon before Calumon's power activates and Guilmon digivolves to Growlmon for the first time. They were equally matched until Growlmon tricked Devidramon and destroyed him with his Pyro Blaster attack.

Digimon Xros Wars

Two Devidramon were minions of Dorbickmon.


  • Crimson Claw
  • Red Eyes



  • Devidramon's Rookie Forms are: Tsukaimon or Monodramon.
  • Devidramon's Ultimate Form is: Cyberdramon.