Development Technical Officer Insarn is the Zangyack Empire's resident mad scientist and a major antagonist in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

Insarn is the one who supplies the Action Commanders with powerful weapons and modifications and uses a special gun-shaped controller to fire the Gigant Horse's enlargement cannons to resurrect defeated Action Commanders and make them grow giant.


When the Gokaigers and Hurricanegers joined forces, Insarn fought against the trio of HurricaneBlue, Gokai Yellow and Gokai Pink and was defeated by the three.

When her rival, the highly-skilled Zangyack scientist Zaien, arrived on the Gigant Horse, Insarn suspected that he was after her position, though he assured her he wasn't. She likely took satisfaction in his first destruction and was happy to enlarge him.

Insarn accompanied Warz Gill, Barizorg, and an army of Gormin to confront Pollution President Babatcheed and his Gaiark remnant, who were also attempting an invasion of Earth. The Zangyack and the Gaiark fought each other until the Gokaigers arrived and attacked the Gaiark, prompting Warz have them leave so both their enemies would be weakened.

After Warz Gill is defeated, the ruler of Zangyack, Emperor Ackdos Gill, arrives and Insarn soon learns that she has no place in the Zangyack which is not a good sign. To prove her worth to Ackdos Insarn pilots her mecha, the Great Insarn to attack the Gokaigers. While her robo took on GokaiOh, four Sugormin went after GoZyuJin. After being quite literally disarmed by GokaiOh using the Greater Powers of the Changemen and the Maskmen, Insarn's mecha was destroyed by Shinken GokaiOh's Gokai Samurai Slash.

Insarn managed to eject before her robot was destroyed, however, and received reinforcements Dyrandoh sends four Dogormin to back her up. The Gokaigers then changed into representatives of the five last teams whose Greater Powers they collected. Captain Marvelous as VulEagle took on Insarn while the other four each fought a Dogormin. After the Dogormin were destroyed, Insarn was finished off by the Gokai Galleon Buster's Rising Strike. The mad scientist died cursing and screaming of her fate.

Super hero Taisen Z

She was later revived by Space Reider as part of his army of resurrected Super Sentai Villains.