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We don't need you! We need nothing!
~ The Deus Ex Machina declines Neo's offer.

The Deus Ex Machina is the central interface and ruling leader of 01/Machine City in The Matrix Revolutions and is considered one of the Bigger Bads of The Matrix trilogy.


Machine War

The Deus Ex Machina was the leader of the Machinists during the Machine War.

Peace With The Sixth One

During the Machine War, it got encountered by Neo for a peace truce in exchange for defeating Agent Smith inside the Matrix. The Deus Ex Machina helps give Neo a deletion protocol to remove all traces of Smith as an anti-virus method. After Neo sacrificed himself, the Machina declares peace for the Machinists.


~ The Deus Ex Machina
What do you want?
~ The Deus Ex Machina asking Neo.
And if you fail?
~ The Deus Ex Machina to Neo.
It is done.
~ The Deus Ex Machina, after Neo destroyed Smith and ended the Machine War.


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