Deuce and Charger are a fictional supervillain team published by DC Comics. Little is known about Deuce and Charger, as their real names have never been revealed. The super-powered couple answered an ad placed in The Voice by the (at the time) three remaining members of The Fearsome Five, Shimmer, Mammoth and Gizmo, who had previously expelled two of their former teammates, their founder, Doctor Light, and Psimon, and after a third member, Neutron, had left the group. While other members of the Five had joined for reasons of wealth or power, Deuce and Charger joined out of animosity towards Superman, whom they hoped to kill. Deuce made allegations that Superman committed "crimes against her people" but what this meant is unclear, and has never been explained by her.

With the Fearsome Five, Deuce and Charger attempted to steal a jewel from a diamond expo in Metropolis, and later raided a luxury liner to rob its rich patrons. Both times, they were thwarted by Superman, and incarcerated, but Deuce and Charger soon escaped police custody.

Deuce and Charger were revealed as being part of "the circle", who believed that Superman was their lost companion. Though Superman was not the lost one, he could use his energy to help the circle leave Earth.

Powers and Abilities

  • Deuce has the telepathic ability to enter other people's minds, and like Psimon, produce telepathic illusions, usually the illusion that she is in multiple places at once, which she uses to confuse her opponents. Unlike Psimon, however, this appears to be either the only application of this power, or the only one with which she chooses to manifest it.
  • Charger has the ability to absorb and channel electricity.