Meow, meow, MEOW!
~ Detective Mittens to the worker at Joe's Italian

Detective Mittens is a small grey cat with a hat that is the main character in the youtube video, Detective Mittens: The Crime Solving Cat.

In that one and only episode, Detective Mittens is shown to have murdered a worker at Joe's Italian for getting his food order wrong. In the beginning of the video, Detective Mittens is with a co-worker investigating a gutted body in an alley, before Detective Mittens jumps into the torn up body and begins to meow as he plays around in it, much to his co-worker's dismay. Seconds later, Detective Mittens is taking out a food order, only to become agitated when he finds out his order was wrong. He calls up Joe's Italian and threatens the worker he later kills-and when the worker called the police, Detective Mittens showed up there, for he worked for the police.

Eventually, Detective Mittens is seen with the worker's dead body in his office, where his bloody throat had been grusesomely clawed out. Detective Mitten's co-worker appears and asks about the body, and when Detective Mittens tells, or rather, meows to him that it was the serial killer that had gutted the body in the alley in the beginning of the video-but his co-worker tells Detective Mittens that the serial killer was already caught, but then believes that the worker Detective Mittens killed was an acomplice to the crimes of the serial killer and comitted suicide out of guilt.

Detective Mittens agrees-yet he had killed the worker for no real apparent reason except that his food order had been wrong.