Detective Inspector Walker
The game's over, kid. Your dad's coming with me. From now on, The Undertaker's in charge
~ Detective Inspector Walker during her villainous turn
Detective Inspector Walker (aka The Undertaker) is the main villainess from the 1996 film, Gadgetman (alternately titled, Operation Gadgetman).

She was played by Marina Sirtis, who is well known as the voice of villainous gargoyle Demona on Gargoyles.


After Professor McNeil is kidnapped by Lonnie and Donnie, a pair of bank robbers working for a dangerous criminal known as The Undertaker, Bean (the professor's son) and his friends planned to rescue him themselves, but they are visited by Detective Inspector Walker and Sergeant Munro at Bean's home.

Walker was looking for the professor due to the rumors that he robbed the bank that he and Bean frequented, also where McNeil's invention caused a large amount of money to shoot out of an ATM, which led to the kidnappers seizing him. When Chip and Sumo let out that the professor's been kidnapped (despite Bean's protests), Walker stated that she'll look into the matter, and she later finds the kidnappers and arrests them. However, they are quickly released, and they hold Bean hostage at the same warehouse that they were holding Professor McNeil.

Walker arrived at the warehouse with Munro, much to Bean's delight, but at that moment, Walker turned heel and revealed herself as The Undertaker, smiling evilly to establish her heel turn. She also announced that she would be taking the professor and head off to Mexico, and regarding Lonnie and Donnie, the evil Walker hissed that she would simply allow them to live after their participation.

Walker placed Professor McNeil on her boat, only for Bean to jump on and rescue his father, while also knocking Walker off her boat and into the water. As a newspaper article later revealed, Walker was arrested for her kidnapping plot.