Detective Fowler

So what? I killed my partner. I could kill the whole damn police department if you were the only witness. They'd probably just promote me to chief. You're one of the Mercer brothers. No cop in the world is going to believe your word over mine".
~ Detective Fowler

Detective Fowler is a corrupt cop and the secondary antagonist of the film Four Brothers.


He is a secret accomplice to Victor Sweet. And Officer Green finds out Fowler was involved in the murder or the the four brothers' mother.

At a bar Green confronts Fowler, hitting him and ordering Fowler to hand in his badge. They walk out of the bar, and Fowler kills Green and calls it into dispatch claiming two assailants had fired upon Green.

Angel sets off for Fowler's. Arriving at Fowler's, he subdues him. Jeremiah then goes to meet Sweet, while Angel's girlfriend, Sofi, heads to the police station, where she tells the police that Angel is planning to kill a police officer. Hearing the sirens in the distance, Fowler thinks they are coming for Angel, until Angel opens his jacket showing a wire. Angel claims the whole conversation was taped, including Fowler's admission that he killed Green. The police arrive at Fowler's in full force, and Fowler gets the upper hand on Angel. With a gun pointed to Angel’s head, Fowler tells the police to back off. Fowler opens fire on the officers outside, who return fire and kill him.