Detective Duchess is a police officer who was trying his best to bust Golgo 13. He was in Massachusetts with the FBI overseeing the election of a United States president who is with an anti-crime analyst. When Golgo gets the weapon he would use to kill the analyst, Duchess gets very suspicious of the assassin. Even though Golgo completes his assassination assignment with a plastic gun that could fire a live bullet, he was arrested by Duchess for assaulting him and justice obstruction. At Police HQ, the detective begins questioning his suspect for his alibi. After a lawyer named Mr. Barton was called in by Golgo, he admits that the plastic weapon was tied to balloons and set off into the sky. Duchess tries to get ahold of the USAF to find the gun, but was too late. Bested in the battle of wits, Duchess lets Golgo go without hard evidence.