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They're not even real cops.
~ Brolin explaining to Mossi that they are fake cops.

Detective Brolin, also called "Brolin", is the secondary antagonist of the 2014 buddy cop comedy movie Let's Be Cops. He is a corrupt crime detective of the Los Angeles Police Department who is the boss of notorious criminal Mossi Kasic.

He is portrayed by Andy Garcia, who also portrayed Miles Edwards in Max Steel.


Detective Brolin was a police detective who worked at the Los Angeles Police Department with honest cops including Officer Segars, but Brolin got greedy and made a deal with Mossi Kasic, a former MMA fighter turned mob boss.

When 2 pals Ryan O'Malley and Justin Miller first see Brolin and Mossi dealing with a shipment of large black crates during their surveillance mission, Brolin, who was also investigating Justin and Ryan, assumed that the 2 so-called "cops" are just federal officers (FBI, CIA, ATF or even SWATs). Ryan was shocked that Brolin was the same dirty cop working with Officer Segars, while he was looking at the evidence that Ryan brought over, he recognized his own face in the photos, Brolin tells Segars to leave so they can talk in private, Ryan tells Brolin that he'll take him down but instead, Brolin tells him he is trying to take Mossi down so stay out of Brolin's business.

Later, Mossi's gang kidnapped Ryan, to force Ryan to pay ransom, when Officer Segars got there, Brolin planned to kill Segars but instead Ryan snitched on Brolin to Mossi saying that Mossi is going to die if he does not kill Brolin, Brolin instead pulls out his gun, walks up to Ryan and is about to shoot Ryan in his head to kill him, but instead, Mossi takes Ryan's advice and shoots Brolin in the back of the chest, killing him and presumingly avenging the deaths of the innocent people he had killed. It was unknown if the LAPD knew that Brolin was a traitor.



  • He was the only character to not interact with Justin Miller for the whole film, but he knows Justin and Ryan's identities.
  • Since he acts as Mossi's boss, Brolin serves as the Bigger Bad of the film.

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