Destructor's Soldiers are evil soldiers loyal to Destructor, their leader.

Physical Appearance


Destructor's Executioner

They're purple alien humanoids with all-black armors who wear axe staffs as weapons. Majority of them are like anthropomorphic heads armed without bodies but the only who is different from them is Destructor's Executioners who, althought wear the same armor as his companies, but with a highest body and a covered face by a hangman's hood except mouth and eyes.


They are responsible for carrying out the executions, imprisonment, torture, as well as more evils ordered by Destructor. It is supposed they already working for Destroyer's father when he was king and that when his son gave the coup d'etat in response to the loss of his sock, were those who imprisoned his king and his followers of this. Unlike their leader and his commoners, they're not seen when their planet again is bright and happy, so it is unkown if they become physically different too.