It's time to put a call to an old and very mean friend. And I'm not talking about my mother-in-law!
~ Mr. Strack transforms into Destructo Man

Destructo Man is the archenemy of Go Go Moba Boy from Go Go Moba Boy in the Cartoon Monsoon Website. He is actually a company owner named Heinrich Strack who owns a transforming cell phone.


Early life

Heinrich Strack owns Strack Co. which has tons of appliances and devices created by himself. He eventually marries a wife and his mother-in-law is old and very mean. Strack even made three celestial cell phones. The first two were taken by Motoro Ishi (Go Go Moba Boy) and the third phone is kept for Strack. Strack used his Animator Resonator to make his devices alive and attack the city. As Motoro notices the toaster is alive, Motoro becomes Moba Boy and attacks the machines. Mr. Ishi works at Strack Co. and unplugs the Resonator. As a result, Strack uses his cell phone to transform into Destructo Man. He took Moba Boy's friend Duckie and flew to the Stracktory. Moba Boy was about to die by Destructo but speed dialed into three weeks into the past for assistance from Roxinaou. As a result, Destructo Man was bitten by his devices. Destructo escaped with his speed dial and was never seen again.


Destructo is a narcissistic and egotistical supervillain with too many pride and charisma inside him.


  • "Look at you all, my Strack Co. Appliances! Soon, the whole city will bow down to you all products of Strack Co. All decorative of course with my handsome visage."
  • "Mmm. That's a good latte."
  • "Look at it! Look at it! It makes waffles in the shape of my head!"
  • "Why wouldn't they? Considering the fact that all their warranties have EXPIRED!"
  • "I win! I rule the world! I make the rules! Strack dogs! Strack comic books! Strack underwear! A Strack animated series!?"
  • "WHAT?! My machines!"
  • "It's time to put a call to an old and very mean friend. And I'm not talking about my mother-in-law!"
  • "Operator with a collect call from... my fist!"
  • "I'm going to hit you so hard, your voice actor will feel it!"
  • "I hope you've got the hospital on speed dial!"
  • "What does it mean?!"
  • "You haven't seen the last of me, Go Go... Stupid-Head!"


  • He was voiced by Jeff Wallace.