You don't know what you're talking about! Our father is the wisest man in the world. If he says what he is doing is right, I believe him.
~ Desna to Korra about his father's motives

Desna is the son of the chief Unalaq and the twin brother of Eska. Like his father and sister, he is a powerful waterbender. He takes control of the Southern Water Tribe with his father and tries to capture his cousin, Avatar Korra. Desna and Eska obeyed the orders of their father until they discover his true motives. He also changed his stance due to his father's lack of concern when Desna injured trying to open a spiritual portal. By the end of Book 2, Desna and Eska redeem themselves by fighting with Tram Avatar to stop the Dark Avatar. After his father's demise, he and his sister appear in Book 3 as the leaders of the Northern Water Tribe. They assisted their uncle and Zuko in their attempt to keep the Order of the Red Lotus from freeing P'Li, but to no avail.

Desna 2

Desna is a tranquil and peaceful person, who rarely speaks, but has demostrated a sophisticated and analytical language while sometimes showing other emotions.

  • He laughs with his sister (Book 2, Chapter 3)
  • He makes a sarcastic comment about Mako (Book 2, Chapter 4)
  • He gets angry and confront Korra, saying he feel confident in his father (Book 2, Chapter 12)
  • He is happy by the visit of Lord Zuko and Tonraq (Book 3, Chapter 3)