Desil Galette is a villain from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

Personality & Character

It is hard to determine Desil's true personality and character. When he first met Flit, he seemed like a typical cheerful and innocent young boy who had a playful streak. However after stealing the Gundam he changes. While still playful he no longer seems innocent and cheerful, instead he gives off the impression of a cat playing with a mouse, a predator toying with prey for his own amusement. He also appears more mature, far more mature than a young boy should be. Desil also doesn't care about a person's life as shown in episode 14.

As an adult, Desil has become more insane. He shows jealously of his younger brother, Zeheart Galette of being commander of the Veigan force. Also, he wants revenge on Flit since their last battle.

Skills and Abilites

As an X-Rounder, Desil possesses the same abilities similar to Flit and Yurin L'Ciel, which he uses effectively when he piloted the AGE-1 Gundam, surprising both Flit Asuno and Woolf Enneacle. Despite his young age he is shown to be a very capable pilot to the point where he can even pull difficult stunts while fighting the UE mobile suit types when he hijacked the Gundam from Flit.


  • Desil is the youngest person ever to pilot a Gundam in the overall metaseries.
    • However, He is not a first a young or children character who ever piloting a mobile suit. Elpeo Ple, Ple Two,and Ple Two sister's/Ple Clone's are the first children character who piloting a regular or special mobile suit and a Gundam ( Elpeo Ple ever piloting Gundam MK-II aside her Qubeley MK-II, Ple Two ever piloting Psyco Gundam MK-II before she piloting her own red Qubeley MK-II and Queen Mansa, while the other Ple Clone's, only Ple Twelve/Marida Cruz who piloting a Gundam like Banshee Gundam)
  • He share same seiyuu with Feldt Grace from Mobile Suit Gundam 00
  • He also share similar characteristic with Bring Stabity and Devine Nova from Mobile Suit Gundam 00
  • He is only a child character of all Gundam series who is a pure-evil character