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KQ5 Desert Bandits

The Desert Bandits at the temple

The Desert Bandits are minor villains from the adventure video game, King's Quest V:Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder. They are a group of thieves that live in the desert of Serenia.

The player needs to make sure that Graham hides from the Desert Bandits when he is at the temple. If Graham is not hiding behind the rock near the small pool of water, the bandits will discover him and kill him on horseback.

Graham later needs to go the Desert Bandits' camp to get their staff to open the temple door. If Graham goes to the large tent then he will be killed by one of the bandits. Graham needs to be careful in the small tent because there is a bandit sleeping and if he wakes him up, then the bandit will kill him. Graham then leaves their camp when he obtains their staff.

The Desert Bandits cannot be killed or defeated in the game and since they are still residing in their camp in the desert, they are still at large and about, preying on travellers that appear in the desert.

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