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I have been waiting for STF friends. The atomic reactor is on overdrive. Soon, London will be nothing more than a memory. And then, my wrath shall spread! It won't matter for'll instantly DIE HERE ANYWAY!
~ Derrick Lynch to STF Squad 1

Derrick Lynch is the main antagonist of Time Crisis: Crisis Zone.

Crisis Zone

He is the leader of the terrorist organization known as the U.R.D.A. He and his men took over Garland Square, using its hotels, theme park, shopping center, and office building as their headquarters. The Special Task Force sends in Squad 1 and their leader Claude McGarren to liberate Garland Square and defeat the U.R.D.A. After securing the area, McGarren and his squad confront Lynch in the Geyser 1 reactor. Ultimately, Lynch is killed and the reactor is shut down, securing Garland Square.


  • Derrick Lynch is named after one of the creators of the Time Crisis series, coincidentally named Derrick Lynch.