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Derrick Jones

Derrick Jones

You talk funny.
~ Laura Forester to Derrick Jones.
Yeah, well, you're short.
~ Derrick Jones to Laura Forester.

Derrick Jones is the secondary antagonist of the 2010 horror/comedy film, Piranha 3D.

He was portrayed by Jerry O'Connell.


Derrick Jones runs a pornographic website (a parody of Girls Gone Wild) and is constantly looking for the next big girl. His two main girls are Danni Arslow and Crystal Shepard. He also has a nerdy assistant named Andrew, who tells the protagonist, Jake, that Derrick is a pimp.

He arrives in the town of Lake Victoria during Spring Break, hoping to cash in on the action, where he meets Jake on the beach and employs him to help with the equipment. Even in his employment, he has a wandering eye for Jake's crush, Kelly.

He and his crew head out to film Danni and Crystal skinny dipping, when the piranhas begin attacking, unbeknownst to him. Because of this his boat crashes and Jake is forced to pick up his little brother and sister, Laura and Zane. That is when Derrick's true colors are shown. With the boat stuck he is late for a wet T-shirt contest. Angered, he takes it out on his crew and Jake.

Jake asks Kelly to take his siblings down beneath the boat, worried Derrick might do something. At that moment, the boat is attacked by the swarm of piranhas, knocking Derrick and Crystal into the waters. There, the piranhas devour Crystal; Derrick, only caring for his life, swims off only to have the piranhas eat the entire lower half of his body.

Derrick Jones' death

Derrick Jones's death

Though Jake had nothing but contempt for Derrick, he proved to be useful for something as bait. His last words before he died were "Wet t-shirt, wet t-shirt!".

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