Dereputa of the Meteor is a Zutinmanian who is the combat commander of Warstar and one of Mons Drake's top commanders, following a warrior's code. His signature attack is Meteor Bullet, using his bladed forearms to unlease an energy blast. He is an antagonist in the tokusatsu show, Tensou Sentai Goseiger.


During Warstar's initial invasion of Earth, Dereputa destroyed Heaven's Tower to hinder interference from the Gosei Angels before fighting Alata, Gosei Red. Since that time, Derepeuta became Gosei Red's nemesis after severely injuring his forearm in their initial confrontation. However, when Mons Drake pushes his plans forward, Dereputa is seemingly destroyed by Hyper Gosei Great.

However, discarding his breastplate with a scar on his chest from the attack, Dereputa came to the realization of acting on his own to prove his superiority. After Mons Drake's demise, Dereputa resurfaces to settle things with Gosei Red while attacking his teammates to ensure no interference. Though finally defeated, Dereputa unknowingly releases the Yuumajuu.



  • Dereputa's design and name, following the Goseiger villains being themed around movies, is homage to the Predator.
  • The aspect of Dereputa, is the fusion between a spider and a mantis.
  • Dereputa's seiyu also provided the voice of Coyote Starrk.
  • He is the only villain of Tensou Sentai Goseiger, who has been confirmed to have killed people.