Derek Bates is the main antagonist in the 2005 action film, Into the Blue who worked with Reyes.

He is portrayed by Josh Brolin, who also portrays Thanos.
Derek bates


Bates was greedy man who obssesed finding gold, living in the boat which a young couple Jared and Sam had better dreams. when Jared's friend Bryce and his girlfriend Amanda along with the couple finds a mysterious object in remains of a legendary French pirate ship which contains of gold coins but Jared not sure if his boss Bates find out about this. unfountionaly both Bryce and Amanada had troubles in law because of cocaine trafficking which lead drug lord Reyes and his accsosite Primo chased them for money. Sam was tricked by coupprt cop Rey who worked with Bates who takes her as his hostage to lured Jared and Bryce to disclose the location of the cocaine.