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Derek is a minor antagonists in Alvin and The Chipmunks episode "Bully for You" - he is an older kid who alongside a gang of like-minded bullies took to physically abusing Simon.

Derek was the leader of the gang and unlike the others wasn't as keen on reforming after Simon tried to reason with them several times, this caused the school to rebel against Derek after he tried to beat up Simon and he was forced to relent, dropping Simon as his own gang also abandoned him.

Yet as the entire school went to party at the Chippettes' house Simon invited Derek to come along and Derek quickly changed, not able to understand why Simon was being nice to him after his actions and Simon says he does so because he wants to "be a better person" and that he didn't think Derek truly wanted to hurt him.

Touched by Simon's genuine efforts to be his friend Derek apologizes for his actions and even offers Simon a ride on his bike, the two seemingly becoming friends despite their original hostilities.

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